The Health & Wellbeing ( online magazine promotes a wide range of holistic and spiritual therapies, positive lifestyle growth, yoga practices and Parenthood topics through the publication of guest author articles by the practitioners themselves. Our focus is on shining a light on the fantastic range of therapies and, through our relationships with practitioners, bringing the hope and positivity of self-care and self-healing to the wider public.
By using guest authorship on the Health & Wellbeing online magazine we allow practitioners to promote their therapy and business to a wider audience. Our way of offering a helping hand to small business and help spread the word about the amazing therapies there are available. We are looking for articles that support the journey towards mental, physical, and spiritual health and wellbeing for our readers
We also offer a Practitioner Business Directory and an Events Directory. These Directories have two main aims. Firstly, to assist the public in finding therapists/practitioners/yoga teachers/events that are local to them and secondly to help small business owners promote their business/event/class/therapy to a wide audience and build their client base.
The Health & Wellbeing online magazine is sponsored by and in association with Foyht membership. Foyht is an independent association with some five thousand members practising over 1,600 modalities across 31 countries. We offer three levels of membership which enables us to offer support appropriate to all, from the beginner to the experienced practitioner. Foyht is committed to be of value to therapists, practitioners, and the general public
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