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Everything you need to make managing your private practice easier, simpler and more rewarding.

create a new client session with isosconnect

Easy Scheduling

  • Access your schedule from anywhere

  • Stay organised with colour-coded session options

  • Integrate your external calendars into one place

  • Sync your Gmail calendar to access your appointments on the go

  • Use email & SMS confirmations and reminders

isosconnect calendar with direct access to your appointment and video session

Automated Booking

  • Keep complete control over when clients book into your diary

  • Deliver the best client experience with 24/7 online booking 

isosconnect booking system
isosconnect practitioner booking system
  • Offer a single destination for all appointment bookings

  • Showcase your treatments, speciality, prices and more

  • Simplify your entire booking process

  • Confirm and create client records with one simple click

isosconnect automated booking system

Gives you a simple way to stay connected

Free up your time

Deliver an amazing client experience with a 24/7 online booking 

isosconnect automated patient communication

Effortless Patient communication

  • Generate email and SMS confirmations at the click of a button

  • Rely on reminders sent 24hrs and 2hrs before each appointment

  • Send emails to cancel or reschedule with complete ease

Secure Video

  • Host video sessions without time limits for up to 10 people

  • Arrange each session without the need for instructions, links and passwords

  • Securely share your screen to work with your own resources

  • Enjoy a little privacy with inbuilt backgrounds

  • Utilise chat function to share links, or just take a break from the camera

  • Know that your data will never be shared with third-parties

  • Be assured that all calls are end to end encrypted

Video Session from Calendar_Simon.jpg
isosconnect note keeping template

Note Keeping

  • Take notes in one convenient space during your video meetings

  • Easily search keywords in your notes

  • Customise your notes with custom fields and templates

  • Upload and safely store images of handwritten notes

Client Records

isosconnect client record
  • Keep essential information at your fingertips 

  • Create your own custom fields for complete personalisation

  • Be assured that your documentation is stored securely

  • Store your favourite resources for quick in-session access


  • Create, edit, and delete your invoices easily. 

  • Search your invoice history

  • Generate a professional PDF

  • Send your invoice by email in 1-click. 

  • Download your invoices to share. 

  • All invoices safely stored and backed up. 

isosconnect custom fields for notes, session types, tasks, client records

Custom Forms & Templates

  • Use customisable fields for complete choice over how you record and manage your client information

  • Create your own templates to match your personal requirements

isosconnect custom fields notes


  • Manage your tasks more efficiently

  • Schedule tasks and reminders to stay connected to your clients

  • Plan business related tasks to fit into your schedule

isosconnect task management system
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