Smart tools for a better business

An effortless system for health and wellbeing professionals. Use integrated video and a smart enquiry system for a polished, professional experience

Magic booking link


Say hello to your receptionist 2.0 


1. Share your link through your socials, websites, text message etc (works on Facebook, Email, LinkedIn, Instagram, website, Twitter, WhatsApp, iMessage). 

2. Your audience can send you an enquiry for an appointment through this link. Local or worldwide, it's up to you, no boundaries.

3. Receive their enquiry directly on your isosconnect dashboard and quickly organise your calendar by confirming or rescheduling directly with your clients. 

Keep control of your diary with a professional process to impress clients

One click secure video


Face to face or video consultation? No need to choose anymore. 

​The pandemic has changed a lot of things in our lives, but not all of it is bad. Now you are working online, you can have a video consultation of your own in a secure space with isosconnect. 

In the health space, privacy is essential. We have built a video platform that keeps you and your client’s information private. 

  • Share your screen with your client

  • Send confidential information during your appointment through the secure chat

  • End-to-End video encryption SSL 256-bits. 

  • GDPR certified

More exclusive features to come. 

Practice Management Tools


This is not a practice management software, but we have the tools to help you manage your time as well as your business

  • A calendar that synchronises with your other diaries: Keep an eye on all your calendars in one place and never overlap appointments. 

  • Personalised client directory: next appointment due?  Find your client file in a seconds and review it and you'll be ready in no time. 

  • Notes with document archive system:  Keep your notes and documents organised, always connected to the right client and searchable too for your reporting needs.

  • Tasks: Stay on track when you need to reschedule, send a follow-up email or update consents etc

Smart Invoicing


At the end of the day, invoicing can take a lot of time and be stressful and an unwelcome distraction from your clients. 


Streamline your practice with our smart invoicing system. Never miss a payment again. Keep an eye on your income, with one of the most reputable payment systems in the world.

  • Invoice generated automatically

  • Online payment for your patients 

  • Keep a close eye on your income and get accurate reporting when you need it. 

Save Time with Custom Templates

You appreciate and value the need to manage your time. It is a great skill.  We have understood the processes that you use most often and have created a digital solution.
Doing your banking, booking your holiday are well known processes that digital has revolutionised.  Now it’s your turn to benefit. 

10 minutes to get setup, or personalised templates for the next level. This is everything you need that could give you back up to one HOUR every working day.

Stay connected with your clients

It’s been a tough year for you and your clients.  
For clients past and present who might need some additional support, or the new clients we will help you reach, we are proud to offer you a system that makes it effortless to stay in touch.  Isosconnect offers the most professional approach to inspire confidence, and the tools necessary for safely and easily connecting with the people that matter everytime.

We have created a platform dedicated to your everyday needs.  We recently spoke to 100 practitioners  in the UK to understand some of their key challenges.

You have told us you want to:

  • Save time

  • Be better organised

  • Reach more clients

  • Focus on delivering great service

  • Run a reputable, high-quality practice


We have created a platform to help you solve these challenges and we are dedicated to working with you every day to improve it, offering you the best tools and services for the successful practice you own.