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Is Zoom Secure?

As a Cybersecurity professional, this is a question I am asked on many occasions. The short answer to this question is; It depends. But I know you would like a definitive answer to this question, so I will give you one; No. Zoom is not secure enough for what you do. Now, before the Zoom ‘fans’ attack me, […]

Should I List My Mobile Number Online?

In today’s digital age, privacy and security have become increasingly important considerations, especially when it comes to our personal contact information. Publishing your mobile number online can expose you to a range of risks and blur the line between your personal and professional life, leading to constant interruptions or intrusion outside of business hours. However, […]

The Best Practice Guide to Video Sessions for UK Counsellors & Therapists

Video sessions are becoming increasingly popular for counsellors and therapists in the UK. They offer a number of advantages over face-to-face sessions, such as convenience, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. However, there are also some challenges associated with video sessions, such as ensuring confidentiality and managing the therapeutic relationship. This blog post will provide you with some […]

Introduction to GDPR for Health & Wellness Practitioners

Whether you are a therapist, counsellor, health coach, or nutritionist; you are likely aware of the importance of protecting your clients’ personal data. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a set of laws that came into effect in 2018, which require businesses and organisations to take steps to protect the personal data of their […]

How To Run A Successful Online Therapy Business

The stigma surrounding mental health has been slowly diminishing in recent years, and as a result, more and more people are seeking out therapy to help them navigate life’s challenges. This rise in consumer demand for therapy has been nothing short of remarkable, and it’s important to understand why it’s happening and what it means […]

9 Lessons From Online Therapists

I have been lucky enough to get to chat to hundreds of therapists who are working online and face to face doing therapy and counselling sessions. They’ve inspired me in so many ways, as well as helping me understand the challenges they face. It’s given me a lot of new insight into how best to […]

Is BetterHelp The Best Way To Receive Therapy Virtually?

Receiving therapy online is a gift bestowed on us by advances in technology. We can now choose a therapist from anywhere in the world and benefit from quality therapy to suit our busy schedules. It is no surprise, therefore, that platforms dedicated purely to connecting therapists and their clients have been growing in popularity over […]

Technology Should Be Invisible In Private Practice

For the last decade, there’s been a lot of talk about the digital transformation of healthcare and for certain it is an exciting time to be in Private Practice. The technology that is now available, when used effectively, is transformative to a private practice owner. But for most counsellors, therapists or coaches it’s still not […]

Private and Confidential, the digital bond between therapist and client.

How confidential is your online work? Technology and privacy go hand in hand with controversy these days. We have seen the changes of the Tech Giants particularly this year as they respond to the demands that we make for a safer environment online. Though this world is murky, complex and full of unintended consequences, the […]

Will technology crush the independent private practice market within 5 years?

Running a private practice can feel a bit double-edged sometimes. You are part of an enormous community across the Country, with years of training and experience, and yet a solo business owner with a never-ending to-do list, building and maintaining a reputable brand and delivering services to those in need, whilst also trying to be […]

How psychologists can deliver clinical excellence online

How psychologists can deliver clinical excellence online – without compromising on outcomes. 2020 will be known as the year video consultation became the norm. Before recently, it felt like only a small minority of practitioners were online. However online therapy is not new. Back in 2001 Mark Griffiths wrote for the BPS on whether online […]

How leading sports physiotherapists are developing clinical excellence virtually

Like all of my colleagues, in March 2020 I had to reconsider how to deliver physiotherapy practice. Before 2020 I only knew two physiotherapists who offered virtual sessions, and all of our NHS appointments were face to face. The CSP advised that providers of care should consider if remote consultations could be used to conduct […]

Clinical Excellence Through Online Counselling

Adapting to online therapy may not come easily, but the tools are all there to help you thrive in this new environment. We will remember 2021 as the year telehealth became the norm “Clinicians and clients may have felt a little apprehensive about virtual appointments before this year, however we have all had to adapt […]