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Considering Health Coaching in your Practice?

As a health care professional seeing clients and patients on a regular basis, the issue of client compliance and motivation to change probably comes up for you fairly often? You may be familiar with health coaching? If not, there has never been a better time to get interested in this new profession.

No-shows: what is a fair policy?

 The NHS is on a campaign to reduce no-shows. The reason why is pretty obvious. According to their recent study, 6.4% or 7.8 million appointments out of the 122 million appointments booked in 2021-2022 were no-shows. Their total cost amounts to a gasping £650,000 a month.  No-shows are not limited to the NHS. They are […]

How to pick the best video software for telehealth?

We’ve learned from many health and wellbeing experts that when conducting video sessions, people often have to use consumer or business video software like Teams, Google Meet, Zoom, or Whatsapp. However, a therapy session is different from a casual chat with a friend. It needs to ensure safety, confidentiality, and ease of use for both […]

Are you leaving the NHS to open your practice?

Are you opening your private practice after years in the NHS? You are definitely not alone: some make the move to offer more preventive and/or holistic care, others to grow in a different way, or to respond faster to patients. Motivations differ, yet the transition holds a challenge common to everyone: you need to be […]

3 tips for safe telehealth

Check Terms of Use and privacy policy of the video software you use We understand that this is not a particularly enticing activity. So here’s a breakdown of one of the most commonly used software, Zoom.  In short, if both host and guest do not disable AI features, they are at risk of seeing their […]

Crafting a Business Plan for a Successful Wellbeing Practice

I’m very fortunate, that through my work, I get to get to speak to counsellors, coaches, nutritionists, and other therapists every week. I see how each of you are driven by a deep passion for making a positive impact on the lives of others. But to have a thriving and sustainable practice, that passion needs […]

How To Run A Successful Online Therapy Business

The stigma surrounding mental health has been slowly diminishing in recent years, and as a result, more and more people are seeking out therapy to help them navigate life’s challenges. This rise in consumer demand for therapy has been nothing short of remarkable, and it’s important to understand why it’s happening and what it means […]

Should Private Practitioners Be Using Social Media in 2023?

Social media is undoubtedly a phenomenon of the new millennium. 19 years ago, Mark Zuckerberg and a group of his roommates as well as other Harvard University students, launched Facebook. That one simple action changed the world. They probably had no inkling how revolutionary it would be and how it would impact both the way […]

Private Practitioner? Make Tech Your Friend

Technology is constantly evolving – just when we think we’ve got a handle on the latest tech, another new software or gadget hits the market! This can be exciting and intimidating in equal measure. There is no denying that tech has changed the way we live, and it has also changed the way we work, […]

Time Saving Ways to Market Your Services and Attract More Clients

Running your own private practice can get extremely busy – in between clients, admin, bookkeeping, and receptionist duties, very few health practitioners have hours to spend on marketing! But in our increasingly digital world, most practitioners do need to have presence online to attract new customers. isosconnects’ in-house marketer shares some tips on how to […]

How to build a great brand for Therapists and Counsellors in Private Practice

Are you a health and well-being practitioner working solo? Congratulations! You are making waves in the digital world, and your opportunities are growing. So, you’ll be asking yourself “How do I stand out online and attract great clients?” Your reputation is everything, and it begins the second someone sees you on a Google listing, your […]