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Loneliness in Private Practice

Working as a health practitioner on my own has been very lonely at times. My career path went from corporate life, sharing a building with a few thousand people to me myself and very much I. There was something very exciting and almost a little grown up about saying “I’m self-employed”. But in reality, suddenly […]

Is BetterHelp The Best Way To Receive Therapy Virtually?

Receiving therapy online is a gift bestowed on us by advances in technology. We can now choose a therapist from anywhere in the world and benefit from quality therapy to suit our busy schedules. It is no surprise, therefore, that platforms dedicated purely to connecting therapists and their clients have been growing in popularity over […]

Private Practitioner? Make Tech Your Friend

Technology is constantly evolving – just when we think we’ve got a handle on the latest tech, another new software or gadget hits the market! This can be exciting and intimidating in equal measure. There is no denying that tech has changed the way we live, and it has also changed the way we work, […]

How Supervision can enhance your Coaching Practice

You’ve made the leap, you’ve decided to become a coach – fantastic it’s an amazing profession and one I’m proud to be part of. You’ve done your initial training and now you’re learning about the business side of things, how will you market yourself? Who’s your ideal client? What will you charge? So what’s next? […]

Why you should set up your Will now?

As you get older, it is natural to start considering your mortality, what has been achieved in life, and what assets have been accumulated. So far in this blog series, the discussion has been about maximising your financial position, making money work harder for you, and providing a strong financial base for achieving your life […]

What happens if I die sooner than expected – Will life insurance provide enough?

We have already highlighted in this series that life expectancy seems to be on a never-ending upwards curve in the UK, with the possibility of living to 100 becoming more commonplace. This can easily lull us into thinking that we do not need to consider the consequences of premature death, as advances in medicine can […]

What happens if I die sooner than I expected – What is your estate?

So far in this blog series we have discussed what to consider if you live longer than you expected. What if this was not the case though, and something happened, cutting short your time here on earth. It’s a morbid thought I know, but it is of equal importance when you consider financial planning. Eventualities […]

How to look after yourself, so that you can support others.

1. How Covid has impacted mental health in society, and what impact has the pandemic had on therapists? We are learning more everyday about the physical health issues caused by the Covid pandemic, and we are also confronting the impact on the mental health of the worldwide population and learning to talk about it. What […]

What Happens if I live longer than expected – Financial blog series by Paul Swales – part 1

Living longer is becoming part of modern day life, with the chances of living beyond 100 increasing with each new-born generation, particularly in the western world. Key fact: As we live longer, planning for 100-year lifetimes could become crucial in helping to secure financial wellbeing in a world worth living in. Everyone’s financial journey will […]

What Happens if I live longer than expected – Financial blog series by Paul Swales – part 2

In the last blog we discussed people living longer and how likely those living in the western world are to live to age 100 or more. We also started to explore the first area for discussion when we consider ‘What happens if I live until I am 100’ and specifically how much money you will […]

Why growing your network is a great thing to do?

A network is one of the most critical resources to grow your business as a therapist. The famous concept of ‘word-of-mouth!’ This “most underrated” ingredient has the power to make all the difference in your activity as a therapist. Indeed, there is nothing like the recommendation of friends, family or colleagues to convince and influence […]

Have you ever considered?

If there is one thing that most people have in common, it’s the experience of worrying about money. Even those living comfortably will almost certainly have been through periods of poor financial wellbeing in the past or may do so in future. This is because financial wellbeing isn’t just about how much money you have […]

The 4 essential questions you should ask yourself, to optimize your time, as a private practitioner.

Every day you invest money in your business: buying flyers or advertising, creating a website, learning how to improve your revenue, etc. But when it comes to your most precious resource: your time, how do you invest it? Your time is invaluable because you cannot get it back once it is spent, your time is […]

Food and mood

“No mental health without physical health” When it comes to boosting our mood two obvious things come to our mind: nutritious food and physical activity. Physical activity brings us social benefits, boosts our self-esteem, increases blood flow giving us that happy “rush” and helps to release endorphins. Nutritious foods give our body what it needs […]