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Considering Health Coaching in your Practice?

As a health care professional seeing clients and patients on a regular basis, the issue of client compliance and motivation to change probably comes up for you fairly often? You may be familiar with health coaching? If not, there has never been a better time to get interested in this new profession.

No-shows: what is a fair policy?

 The NHS is on a campaign to reduce no-shows. The reason why is pretty obvious. According to their recent study, 6.4% or 7.8 million appointments out of the 122 million appointments booked in 2021-2022 were no-shows. Their total cost amounts to a gasping £650,000 a month.  No-shows are not limited to the NHS. They are […]

How to pick the best video software for telehealth?

We’ve learned from many health and wellbeing experts that when conducting video sessions, people often have to use consumer or business video software like Teams, Google Meet, Zoom, or Whatsapp. However, a therapy session is different from a casual chat with a friend. It needs to ensure safety, confidentiality, and ease of use for both […]

Are you leaving the NHS to open your practice?

Are you opening your private practice after years in the NHS? You are definitely not alone: some make the move to offer more preventive and/or holistic care, others to grow in a different way, or to respond faster to patients. Motivations differ, yet the transition holds a challenge common to everyone: you need to be […]

3 tips for safe telehealth

Check Terms of Use and privacy policy of the video software you use We understand that this is not a particularly enticing activity. So here’s a breakdown of one of the most commonly used software, Zoom.  In short, if both host and guest do not disable AI features, they are at risk of seeing their […]

Is Zoom Secure?

As a Cybersecurity professional, this is a question I am asked on many occasions. The short answer to this question is; It depends. But I know you would like a definitive answer to this question, so I will give you one; No. Zoom is not secure enough for what you do. Now, before the Zoom ‘fans’ attack me, […]

Loneliness in Private Practice

Working as a health practitioner on my own has been very lonely at times. My career path went from corporate life, sharing a building with a few thousand people to me myself and very much I. There was something very exciting and almost a little grown up about saying “I’m self-employed”. But in reality, suddenly […]

Crafting a Business Plan for a Successful Wellbeing Practice

I’m very fortunate, that through my work, I get to get to speak to counsellors, coaches, nutritionists, and other therapists every week. I see how each of you are driven by a deep passion for making a positive impact on the lives of others. But to have a thriving and sustainable practice, that passion needs […]

Supporting UK Healthcare Businesses: A Vital Opportunity for Private Therapists

As a private therapist in the UK, you play a critical role in the healthcare ecosystem. Your support for UK healthcare businesses can make a significant difference in fostering innovation, improving patient care, and driving economic growth. In this blog, we’ll explore the importance of supporting UK businesses and the opportunities it presents for your […]

Building a Thriving Practice: The Power of Collaboration

In today’s fast-paced digital world, building a thriving private practice requires more than just individual expertise. We often think of marketing when comes to growing our practice, but a collaborative approach can be a powerful tool in helping to grow your client list, but also delivering the best care to clients. For therapists in mental, […]

Should I List My Mobile Number Online?

In today’s digital age, privacy and security have become increasingly important considerations, especially when it comes to our personal contact information. Publishing your mobile number online can expose you to a range of risks and blur the line between your personal and professional life, leading to constant interruptions or intrusion outside of business hours. However, […]

Practitioner with ADHD? Use the right digital tools to streamline your practice.

As a therapist, counsellor, health coach, or nutritionist with ADHD, you possess unique strengths and perspectives that allow you to connect deeply with your clients. Your creativity, empathy, and resilience can make you an exceptional practitioner. But you may feel held back by complicated and disjointed admin processes. With the right digital tools, you can […]

Should I Offer My Counselling Services For Free?

The decision to offer free services is a complex, personal decision. For many newly qualified, it may seem like the only option to build experience and reputation in the early stages of your practice. But newly qualified or veteran, you may feel a sense of moral obligation to provide services to those in financial need. […]

The Best Practice Guide to Video Sessions for UK Counsellors & Therapists

Video sessions are becoming increasingly popular for counsellors and therapists in the UK. They offer a number of advantages over face-to-face sessions, such as convenience, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. However, there are also some challenges associated with video sessions, such as ensuring confidentiality and managing the therapeutic relationship. This blog post will provide you with some […]

Introduction to GDPR for Health & Wellness Practitioners

Whether you are a therapist, counsellor, health coach, or nutritionist; you are likely aware of the importance of protecting your clients’ personal data. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a set of laws that came into effect in 2018, which require businesses and organisations to take steps to protect the personal data of their […]

How To Run A Successful Online Therapy Business

The stigma surrounding mental health has been slowly diminishing in recent years, and as a result, more and more people are seeking out therapy to help them navigate life’s challenges. This rise in consumer demand for therapy has been nothing short of remarkable, and it’s important to understand why it’s happening and what it means […]

9 Lessons From Online Therapists

I have been lucky enough to get to chat to hundreds of therapists who are working online and face to face doing therapy and counselling sessions. They’ve inspired me in so many ways, as well as helping me understand the challenges they face. It’s given me a lot of new insight into how best to […]

Is BetterHelp The Best Way To Receive Therapy Virtually?

Receiving therapy online is a gift bestowed on us by advances in technology. We can now choose a therapist from anywhere in the world and benefit from quality therapy to suit our busy schedules. It is no surprise, therefore, that platforms dedicated purely to connecting therapists and their clients have been growing in popularity over […]

Technology Should Be Invisible In Private Practice

For the last decade, there’s been a lot of talk about the digital transformation of healthcare and for certain it is an exciting time to be in Private Practice. The technology that is now available, when used effectively, is transformative to a private practice owner. But for most counsellors, therapists or coaches it’s still not […]

Should Private Practitioners Be Using Social Media in 2023?

Social media is undoubtedly a phenomenon of the new millennium. 19 years ago, Mark Zuckerberg and a group of his roommates as well as other Harvard University students, launched Facebook. That one simple action changed the world. They probably had no inkling how revolutionary it would be and how it would impact both the way […]

Private Practitioner? Make Tech Your Friend

Technology is constantly evolving – just when we think we’ve got a handle on the latest tech, another new software or gadget hits the market! This can be exciting and intimidating in equal measure. There is no denying that tech has changed the way we live, and it has also changed the way we work, […]

Getting Started in Therapy Private Practice

Whether you’re newly qualified or have been working in a clinic setting for some time, starting up in private practice is an exciting time. And maybe also a bit daunting! But as with any big task, breaking it down into smaller ‘to do’s can really help avoid overwhelm. We’re going to run through the essentials […]

Multi-disciplinary Network For The Solo Practitioner

Working alone, we can sometimes miss the collaboration that comes with being part of a team – people to bounce ideas off of, or solve complex problems with. You may have had a client with a complex case that required treatment outside your area of expertise, and struggled to know where to refer them to. […]

Getting Back On Track After The Festive Period

How was the Christmas period for you? Hectic? More expensive than you anticipated? Magical family time? Have you made any New Year’s Resolutions? Last week my article ‘Crunching the Cost’ highlighted some factors behind the Cost-of-Living Crisis we are facing, and tips on things you can do to ease the impact and to reduce your […]

Cost Of Living Crisis – What Can Be Done?

Much has been written and spoken in recent weeks and months about the Cost-of-Living Crisis, and the challenges this is causing for all of us in our everyday lives. No matter who you speak to, you will get a slightly different perspective of what is behind the situation we face, and that is to be […]

Therapy Tech – What’s On The Horizon

It is in our nature to ask questions and look for answers that will better prepare and equip us for the challenges we face, and we’re increasingly finding these answers through digital tools. The last few years brought a massive shift towards digital in the way healthcare and therapy are delivered to patients, and post-pandemic […]

Time Saving Ways to Market Your Services and Attract More Clients

Running your own private practice can get extremely busy – in between clients, admin, bookkeeping, and receptionist duties, very few health practitioners have hours to spend on marketing! But in our increasingly digital world, most practitioners do need to have presence online to attract new customers. isosconnects’ in-house marketer shares some tips on how to […]

How to build a great brand for Therapists and Counsellors in Private Practice

Are you a health and well-being practitioner working solo? Congratulations! You are making waves in the digital world, and your opportunities are growing. So, you’ll be asking yourself “How do I stand out online and attract great clients?” Your reputation is everything, and it begins the second someone sees you on a Google listing, your […]

Do I need Practice/Client Management Software?

Getting started with private clients can be daunting, but there are some things you can do to make it easier on yourself. Starting with your biggest concern – meeting and working with clients. Demand for your services is at an all-time high and is online, so you really do need to be visible and open […]

How Supervision can enhance your Coaching Practice

You’ve made the leap, you’ve decided to become a coach – fantastic it’s an amazing profession and one I’m proud to be part of. You’ve done your initial training and now you’re learning about the business side of things, how will you market yourself? Who’s your ideal client? What will you charge? So what’s next? […]

8 easy steps to evaluate the fees you charge!

Is Now the time to be resetting your fees? Your running costs have increased, and this is not a temporary situation. Can you be available to those that need you, and also be a profit -making business? Running a responsible business means you should have the solid foundation of knowing that your fees cover your […]

Are your simple business processes abiding by the law or unknowingly breaking it?

Why should you care about your client’s data on your computer and who might want access to these details? You’re using a safe, secure and trusted system right? You don’t need to do anything? In one short sentence yes your client data ( information about clients) is safe and secure with if it is in […]

2 More Key Questions That Will Set You Up To Grow

You’ll be pleased to know that we’re about to share the final two questions which will allow you to complete your micro review! We hope you’re getting on well with the top tips we shared, which ones did you try out? Just a quick recap, our business micro review offers a simple pain free process […]

Have you ever given your business a micro review?

Given the uncertainty of the past two years, perhaps you’ve found your business in a very different position to what you expected. It’s likely that you’ve found yourself with an increased number of online clients, you’re relying on technology more than ever, and now you’re wondering what your business will look like in future. Given […]

Why you should set up your Will now?

As you get older, it is natural to start considering your mortality, what has been achieved in life, and what assets have been accumulated. So far in this blog series, the discussion has been about maximising your financial position, making money work harder for you, and providing a strong financial base for achieving your life […]

What happens if I die sooner than expected – Will life insurance provide enough?

We have already highlighted in this series that life expectancy seems to be on a never-ending upwards curve in the UK, with the possibility of living to 100 becoming more commonplace. This can easily lull us into thinking that we do not need to consider the consequences of premature death, as advances in medicine can […]

What happens if I die sooner than I expected – What is your estate?

So far in this blog series we have discussed what to consider if you live longer than you expected. What if this was not the case though, and something happened, cutting short your time here on earth. It’s a morbid thought I know, but it is of equal importance when you consider financial planning. Eventualities […]

How to look after yourself, so that you can support others.

1. How Covid has impacted mental health in society, and what impact has the pandemic had on therapists? We are learning more everyday about the physical health issues caused by the Covid pandemic, and we are also confronting the impact on the mental health of the worldwide population and learning to talk about it. What […]

What Happens if I live longer than expected – Financial blog series by Paul Swales – part 1

Living longer is becoming part of modern day life, with the chances of living beyond 100 increasing with each new-born generation, particularly in the western world. Key fact: As we live longer, planning for 100-year lifetimes could become crucial in helping to secure financial wellbeing in a world worth living in. Everyone’s financial journey will […]

What Happens if I live longer than expected – Financial blog series by Paul Swales – part 2

In the last blog we discussed people living longer and how likely those living in the western world are to live to age 100 or more. We also started to explore the first area for discussion when we consider ‘What happens if I live until I am 100’ and specifically how much money you will […]

Private and Confidential, the digital bond between therapist and client.

How confidential is your online work? Technology and privacy go hand in hand with controversy these days. We have seen the changes of the Tech Giants particularly this year as they respond to the demands that we make for a safer environment online. Though this world is murky, complex and full of unintended consequences, the […]

Why growing your network is a great thing to do?

A network is one of the most critical resources to grow your business as a therapist. The famous concept of ‘word-of-mouth!’ This “most underrated” ingredient has the power to make all the difference in your activity as a therapist. Indeed, there is nothing like the recommendation of friends, family or colleagues to convince and influence […]

Will technology crush the independent private practice market within 5 years?

Running a private practice can feel a bit double-edged sometimes. You are part of an enormous community across the Country, with years of training and experience, and yet a solo business owner with a never-ending to-do list, building and maintaining a reputable brand and delivering services to those in need, whilst also trying to be […]

Have you ever considered?

If there is one thing that most people have in common, it’s the experience of worrying about money. Even those living comfortably will almost certainly have been through periods of poor financial wellbeing in the past or may do so in future. This is because financial wellbeing isn’t just about how much money you have […]

The 4 essential questions you should ask yourself, to optimize your time, as a private practitioner.

Every day you invest money in your business: buying flyers or advertising, creating a website, learning how to improve your revenue, etc. But when it comes to your most precious resource: your time, how do you invest it? Your time is invaluable because you cannot get it back once it is spent, your time is […]

Food and mood

“No mental health without physical health” When it comes to boosting our mood two obvious things come to our mind: nutritious food and physical activity. Physical activity brings us social benefits, boosts our self-esteem, increases blood flow giving us that happy “rush” and helps to release endorphins. Nutritious foods give our body what it needs […]

How psychologists can deliver clinical excellence online

How psychologists can deliver clinical excellence online – without compromising on outcomes. 2020 will be known as the year video consultation became the norm. Before recently, it felt like only a small minority of practitioners were online. However online therapy is not new. Back in 2001 Mark Griffiths wrote for the BPS on whether online […]

How leading sports physiotherapists are developing clinical excellence virtually

Like all of my colleagues, in March 2020 I had to reconsider how to deliver physiotherapy practice. Before 2020 I only knew two physiotherapists who offered virtual sessions, and all of our NHS appointments were face to face. The CSP advised that providers of care should consider if remote consultations could be used to conduct […]

Clinical Excellence Through Online Counselling

Adapting to online therapy may not come easily, but the tools are all there to help you thrive in this new environment. We will remember 2021 as the year telehealth became the norm “Clinicians and clients may have felt a little apprehensive about virtual appointments before this year, however we have all had to adapt […]