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Power-Up Your Practice With isosconnect

The complete digital platform for your private practice

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Free ebook used by over 1000 practitioners.

The digital tools you need for a modern health & wellbeing business. How to make the most of working digitally to achieve your personal business goals.

The All-In-One Toolkit for practitioners
[not clinics]

isosconnect delivers a professional, efficient and compliant platform, purpose-built to meet the needs of private  practices. Now, health and well-being practitioners can effortlessly manage all major functions of their practice through one intuitive platform.

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Built for your private
practice, not a clinic

isosconnect is purpose-built for the needs of solo practitioners, avoiding the typical complex, time-consuming, and costly functionality you don’t need.

Designed to be friendly and flexible

isosconnect includes some freeforever features and clear pricing for paid plans to ensure you can easily see what it costs.

Secure and compliant, to achieve success 

isosconnect is a place for fully secure client information and video sessions, so that you are always protected and audit ready.

Practitioners love and rely on isosconnect

Everything you need in 1 place!

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Use dedicated tools for scheduling, client management, notes, video session and more...

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Copy and paste your booking link anywhere you need it

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Set the rules and watch your client fill-up your diary!

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The right information sent to your client when any changes are made! 

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Invoice your client directly from the platform. Versatile invoicing to cover all your needs. 

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Auto-generated PDF and email sent in 1 click!


And finally, make sure your clients attend with automated reminders!

Why isosconnect ?

Delivering care, getting paid, finding ,engaging patients and clients are all complicated propositions in today’s challenging healthcare and well-being environment. isosconnect makes the business of running a private practice easier and more rewarding. Our platform design is clean and pleasant, providing an efficient workspace for you and an easy interface for your clients. Using isosconnect is intuitive, meaning you take less time to fully incorporate it into your business and start improving how you run it right away. And when a practice runs better, patients and clients feel it.

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Alejandra McCall

“Great customer service. There is a great team behind the platform ready and willing to attend any queries or to offer a call to explain how to use the app to its best potential."

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Dr Catherine Steele

"Within isosconnect I have everything I need to run and organise my client contact. A synchronisable calendar for me and my clients, easy to manage client address book and access to client notes and recorded calls.”

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Susan Burry

"isosconnect offers customers a great experience in booking a session that is easy, quick, no-hassle without hesitations”

Practitioners love and rely on isosconnect

We connect hundreds of clients to their practitioners every week

How it Works

Meet isosconnect, ready to work around the clock for your practice